It is designed for MOVEMENT - the body consists of almost 50% of muscles. the bones of a skeleton and the body's nervous system together with muscles form a fantastic system that is specialized in movement. Without muscle, it could basically do nothing. Do not touch legs or neck, eat or breathe. This shows that the muscles are of great importance to the horse's body and how it feels. Massage can be used to relieve any negative effects of exercise as well as general stress. For many of our horses, rigidity and pain are part of life, which they have become accustomed to having. When you massage the horse for the first time and feel how tense the muscles are, you also realize how much energy is needed to keep them tense. With the massage, the horse becomes lighter, calmer and more pleasant to ride. I see massage as a method to avoid any problems at all, problems that can get so serious over time. The touch that the horse feels comfortable is extremely important to the well-being of the horse.

Optimal performance, endurance and agility require well-functioning muscles.

Göran E Larsson

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